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Womb Health Consultation

Womb Health Consultation

Listening & Reconnecting to the sacredness of our wombs, connecting to the earth, heavens, and all of creation. The Womb/ Yoni literally has powers ... 

Needing to feel more confident with your yoni health? Want better sex, better vaginal flora, more comfortability with your vaginal health?

Look no further! Book a session and let's find out the state of your sacral water/ yoni health. 

Our yoni is the seat of all creation. The word yoni is a more ancient and graceful word for vagina. Vagina is an English/ Latin word that means sheath of a sword. Sheaths were the little pouches that soldiers would wear on their hips that carried their sword/ blades for war. In this case the men who created this word were refering to a males penis as a sword and a womans yoni as a shealth/ holder for the sword.


This further disconnects women from their yoni's and yoni health. Swords are violent and therefore when we relate to our yoni's as vaginas we perpetuate that violence.


All the same, yoni health is extremely important to our overall health and state of wholeness as women. Being wholly present or holy present allows for us to know when our bodies are in balance naturally and out of balance. 

Antibiotics and vaginal creams are destructive to our vaginal flora.

Perfumes, vaginal ointments, douches, and doedarants lessen our phytoestrogen levels increase testosterone and can cause cancers or dis-ease in the body. 

As women we must put in and on our skin the same products that we would eat and put into our mouthes.

Old midwives, bush doctors, diviners, medicine women, and witches have many tricks and medicinal remedies up their sleeves to aid in healing any and all women's health complaints.

Many do not realize that the first women's complaints in Europe were treated by cutting out the uterus from the woman. Old modern medicine did not take women's health seriously and murdered many hundreds of thousands of women in the process of perfecting their surgeries. Most surgeries and procedures that Western medicine, allopathc doctors provide are unnecessary, dangerous, and dehumanizing. The same with the anti-biotics that these pharmaceutical companies create, which worsen women's symptoms.


As a phytotherapist, certified herbalist, and yoni steam facilitator Indigi Golden Herbals is able to offer yoni consultations where we discuss the health of your womb. Rather it be fertility issues, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, UTI, vaginitis, bacterial overgrowths, yeast etc. Together we will inform you on your options to gaining optimal womb health.

One time consultation for 2 hours either all on one day or spaced out in 4 days / 30 minute intervals or consultations. Priced at $33.00


From here we can further recommend you herbs, meal plans, or just simple practices that wont cost you anything as they will be simple lifestyle attunements. You may even have what you need to improve your yoni health at home! 

Let's find out. 

Book a session today! 

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