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~Monthly Medicine Box~

~Monthly Medicine Box~

So much gratitude and love to all of the sacred souls that purchase and utilize these medicinal self-care healing tools. Because of the recurring friends, clients, and loved ones that adore our medicines we are now offering a monthly subscription of our small batch hand harvested medicines. All medicines are made from organic, home grown, locally or ethically sourced, and wild crafted ingredients. Our medicines aim to make your self-care rituals full of magik, intention and are sourced from herbs that contain  quality benefits. These medicines are hand harvested in accordance with Afro Indigenous land stewardship principles.


These medicines have been sang to and prayed over, the land was given an offering and all plants are held as sacred teachers. 


These medicines are meant to provide you with physical and spiritual healing. 


Medicines are hand crafted each month, no box is the same ~ 


Each month you will receive a box with new seasonal, local, and ethically sourced medicine ~ 


 Please purchase a monthly subrscription and receive your Indigi Golden Herbals Apothecary medicines once a month for this affordable price. A box full of love! 


All monthly subscribers will receive a box of our small batch medicines made with intention ~ 


All medicines free for Native First Nations Folks~


Send an email if you would like an organic locally sourced personalized box for medicinal/ healing purposes~



Last Months Medicine Box Held:


Cacao Beans from a small Mayan family: Medicine, Ceremony, Culinary

-Tropical fruit of the mallow family,  suppresses inflammation, soothes joint pain, delicious antioxidant, protects and maintains heart health

Calendula: Tea

-Anti bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Vitamin E, Skin toner, Digestive tonic, Stimulates stomach activity, Insect bites, Heals wounds and acne

Chickweed: Tea

- Cleansing, Reduces inflammation, Heals wounds, Provides moisture, Psoriasis, Stiff joints, Acne, Allergies, Skin rashes, 

Turkey Tail: Decoction

-Anti aging, Anti cancer, Antioxidant, Immune Boosting, Anti-viral

Passion flower: Tincture

-Avoid if Pregnant or breastfeeding. Calming, relaxing, nerve pain, insomnia, ADHD 

Lavender: Oxymel

- Relaxing, Calming, Sedating, Brain enhancing, Anti-bacterial, Grief, Migraines, Toothaches 

St. Johns Wort & Sorrel: Salve

- soothes joint and bone pain, calming, relaxing, analgesic, soothes itching, helps arhtritis, burns, stings, good for eczema


Flower Essences

Rose: Helps those who need to soften their hearts and move through grief while encouraging them to remain firm, strong, beautiful, and confident. 

Mullein: Helps when one is unable to hear the truth, particularly around morals and values, when deceiving oneself.

Sage: Helps those who are unable to move forward with life because they think they do not deserve good things, and those who have difficulty finding power and purpose in life.

    Price Options
    Monthly Medicines
    $66.00every month for 3 months
    Monthly Medicines
    $52.00every month for 6 months
    Monthly Medicines
    $41.00every month for 9 months
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