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Magical Calabash

Magical Calabash

Medium sized calabash made by the Indigenous Keche Mayans of Belize. Auntie Juanita is an Indigenous Mayan woman who lives beneath the mountain of sacred Mayan ruins. A mountain spring flows through her ancestral property. She is the daugther of the village bush healer who has since passed on. 


Auntie Juanita is an Indigenous woman sharing beauitful medicinal tools + foods with our herbal academy. 


This medium sized calabash is for your intuitive medicine making. 


The calabash tree grows on her ancestral land. 


Afro and Indigenous peoples all over the Caribbean regard the calabash as one of the most sacred tools found in the kitchen. 


The calabash is used to serve meals, for processing and harvesting medicine, storing dried herbs, placed on altars, and you may also witness Indigenous people drinking from this sacred bowl. 


Whether employed during divination ceremonies or for serving large feasts to the community. The calabash is a staple in the Indigeous medicine making tradition. 



Large bowls coming soon!

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