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Jan 29, 2024
In General Discussions
Week 1 Burdock root: Day one: First time drinking burdock root tea. I immediately felt hot all over. Followed by sweating and cooling feeling from the sweat. My sinuses seem to be reacting to this tea although I’m not clear on what I’m feeling just yet. It has a strong bitter yet satisfying taste. Almost familiar taste but I can’t narrow down what I’m associating it with yet. Has an almost woodsy smell to it. My vision has been blurry the last few days on account of smoking weed but this made me vision clear. It took a few sips before I noticed my eyes were clear. Could be an effect of the tea or maybe the weed is just leaving my system. Didn’t make me feel bloated as some store brought teas do. Day two: After waking up and cleaning I made the tea. I let it steep for 15 minutes. I drank it in under five minutes. I noticed my eyes once again getting more clear. I felt a bit congested when I first woke up that went away. I feel energized and motivated to take on the day. It’s a warm day so I had the air conditioner on which not only cooled my tea but masked how warm then cool the tea makes my body. When I turned the air conditioner off I felt warm. But I didn’t sweat like I did yesterday. Day three: I drank some tea before going to bed. I let it steep for 25 minutes this time as I figured it would be more potent. It was a correct assumption. The tea was so much stronger in taste. Still bitter and this time it left a almost cotton taste in mouth. I felt slight bloat in my belly and had to urinate almost immediately. Like other days I felt warm and then cool after drinking the tea. Although I feel alert I don’t think it will effect my sleep. Day Four: I noticed my body is itching a lot. The only new thing I’ve added to my diet is the tea. I also stopped smoking weed but unsure if it’s related. My body still gets warm while drinking and then cold down once I’m finished. I pee a few times after drinking. No bloating. But the itching is worrisome Day five: I drank the tea in the afternoon after eating. I let it steep for 20 minutes. I enjoy the aroma and taste the longer it sits. Although it’s only been a few days I’m noticing my energy is back. Normally my cycle is more intense than it was this month. I only needed meds for two days before feeling better. Could be drinking tea helps in general or this tea just soothing either way I’m grateful.  Body is still itching despite having on lotion. Perhaps I’m allergic to the root but shouldn’t I have other side effect? Day Six: Skipped this day to see if my body would be itchy doing my normal routine. No itching this day. Maybe for some reason this tea causes me itching. Day Seven: I drank the tea after waking up. Let it steep for 30 minutes. Since it was a lot cooler I was able to drink it fast. My body was warm for over this time but the cooking feeling took longer to kick in. My body wasn’t itching as much as it used to. But the itching is still a symptom. Still unsure if it’s related I’ll keep an eye out for it as I’m drinking my other tea.
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